July 01, 2011


Sizakele and I
This is a photo of Sizakele and I. I met Sizakele on my first trip to Swaziland in July of 2010. At the time she was around 16 years old. We exchanged addresses and our friendship began.

I arrived home and in August of 2010 and I sent Sizakele a letter. I didn't think it would ever make it across the U.S. and over the atlantic. I hesitantly put in the mail while praying and hoping it would get to her someday, somehow.

February 2011 came and I received a letter from Swaziland. I saw the Swazi postage and honestly, I jumped and squealed for joy because a little piece of Swaziland made it to my home.

I opened the letter and here's what it read:

Dear Kimberly,

Sawubona! Unjani? I am okey in life even me I miss you lost in the name of Jesus Christ.

Well I am doing well in class and my favorite subject is Mathematics. my favorite verse is Hebrews chapter 4: Let us the promise of entering into his rest still holds, none of you may be found to be delinquent:

I love you, girl, and I hope to see you again. Ngiyakutsandza. I wish to be with you in your country. A new word is ngivakashele.


It made my heart happy to read this sweet letter. Her letter made me even more excited to return to Swaziland months later.

When we arrived at the Bhalekane carepoint on June 14, 2011, our second day at Bhalekane, I still had not seen Sizakele yet. I started to think I might not ever see her again. Half way through the day, a girl nameDemalanghani came up to me and said, "My friend Sizakele wanted me to tell you that she will be here tomorrow." Joy filled my heart as I realized she had not forgotten me and I would see her again. 

The next day came around. I looked around, hoping I would see Sizakele. I was also hoping that I would recognize her face. I was out in the field with some children when I looked up and saw Sizakele about 30 feet away. I began to walk towards her and she recognized me. She extended her arms and gave me the sweetest hug. I told her how much I had missed her and how good it was to see her. 

She told me that her parents didn't believe I could speak any SiSwati and that they wanted to meet me. I laughed and we continued to enjoy each other's presence. She said, "Take me back to your country."
I wish I could.

In this moment, I began to grasp the power of consistency. I had seen Sizakele once and written her one letter. This doesn't seem like much, but it meant the world to she and I. I spent the afternoon with this beautiful girl and enjoyed every second of it.

Sizakele is a precious daughter of God and I am happy to know her. The Lord has reminded me to see every encounter with others as special. He has called me to love people even if it's for a very short time. All I know is that the Lord can use these encounters in powerful ways. 

This is just one of the beautiful ways in which the Lord worked in Swaziland.

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