July 23, 2011

Singulabakhetfwe nguNkulunkulu!

While in Swaziland, we got to tell the children of the Bhalekane care point how much the Lord sees them as special and unique. Our theme was "Singulabakhetfwe nguNkulunkulu-We are chosen by God!" It was a beautiful thing to be able to tell the children how special they are. 

For me, teaching feels a lot like walking on clouds. Those are the only words to describe it. I am thankful that the Lord gives us opportunities to speak his truth. 

With each day, we had Bible stories to go along with the teaching for the day. Our whole team did some improv as I narrated the stories. The children were captivated by the stories. It was a joy to see them pay such close attention to our attempts at displaying Peter walking on water, the prodigal son, and the good samaritan. Our team did such a great job at acting out these stories. It was so much fun!

Singulabakhetfwe nguNkulunkulu! We are chosen by God! The people of Bhalekane are special, valued, and chosen. What a special thing to communicate to them!

July 15, 2011


On Thursday, June 16, we had a day of appreciation for the gogos. The gogos are women who help out around the Bhalekane carepoint. On this day, we had lunch with them, gave them gifts, briefed them on how to use various first aid tools, talked with them, and shared with them a few thoughts on how much we appreciate them.

I was overjoyed to share the words of my Lord with these women. I read out of Isaiah 35, 
"They will enter Zion with singing; 
everlasting joy will crown their heads. 
Gladness and joy will overtake them, 
and sorrow and sighing will flee away."

These women greeted us with singing that sounded as if it were echoing the voices of heaven's angels. Joy was spilling from their hearts as they spoke with us. Gladness and joy had surely overtaken their souls and sorrow and sighing seemingly disappeared. 

Now let me introduce you to Grace.
 Grace is quite the character. 
She is a humorous woman with a big personality.
She is a lovely woman with a beautiful voice. 
She is a woman who praises the Lord with all that she is.
She is a woman who gives thanks to God with all her being.

I said sawubona to Grace as joy was flowing out of her. I think joy and grace walk hand in hand. When I have grace for myself and for others, joy finds a home. And when joy finds a home, grace can abide peacefully. Grace is a woman with much joy and I will forever think of her as a woman with much joy and grace.

Not only does Grace exude joy and grace, but she is also a woman of many thanks. The whole time we were sharing with the women, she said over and over, "Thank you, Lord, ngiyabonga kakhulu, Lord. Amen, hallelujah." She was thanking the Lord for every good word spoken, every hug given, and every gift received.

Grace is a woman with unending joy, overflowing grace, and relentless thanks.
Grace is another Swazi friend who I will always remember.

 This is yet another story of someone who is a part of the beautiful things the Lord is doing in Swaziland.

July 14, 2011


I spent my sixteenth birthday in Lima, Peru. Lima was where I heard the Lord loud and clear. Lima is where I let my Lord break my heart wide open for the people of this world. This is where my passion for foreign places unfolded. Just like a jar of jelly beans cascading on the floor, scattering all over the place, my heart spilled open into a place of utter joy and peace.

So on June 11, 2011, right as my dreams were coming true in Swaziland, I turned nineteen. I love how the Lord planned my nineteenth birthday a very long time ago, all the while knowing that I would spend it in a place so close to my heart. His gift to me this year was a gift of joy, peace, love and excitement. His gift to me was another dream come true in Swaziland.

I most definitely felt special on June 11, 2011. The night before was spent in Johannesburg and on the  morning of the 11(did I mention that I had completely forgotten that it was my birthday?), we hopped on the bus to head to Swaziland. Laura came in the lobby and announced it was my birthday and gave me cards from her family. Leona gave me a tiara and some good ole passion fruit burts bees (which I love and used the whole trip). That night, Amber brought out some cake which came with the classic happy birthday song.

This years birthday was a blessed one. Thank you, Lord, for giving me all I need and more. And thank you, Lord, for the celebration of life in Swaziland. 

God is too good to me.

July 01, 2011


"For you have set my heart free." Psalm 119:32

The Lord set my heart free in Swaziland not because of the place alone, but because of the people I have come to know. So here is another story of the beautiful ways in which the Lord worked in Swaziland.

I met Nothando on June 13. I was instantly drawn to her kind heart and refreshing spirit. Joy spilled through her smile. She willingly helped me with my SiSwati and it was such a blessing to be around her. 

Nothando turned 14 on June 16. I was writing down her address when I asked when her birthday was. She smiled brightly and told me that it was that day, June 16. It was an incredible thing to be able to wish her a happy birthday and give her a card.

I later learned that Nothando's parents had passed years earlier. She helps care for her three siblings, Lissa (7 years), Sunboy (19 years), and Mbahi (12 years). She does not go to school because she does not have the funds for it.

Nothando made an impression on my heart because of her welcoming personality and selfless lifestyle. I hope and pray that I will be able to see her again someday soon.
Nothando and I


Sizakele and I
This is a photo of Sizakele and I. I met Sizakele on my first trip to Swaziland in July of 2010. At the time she was around 16 years old. We exchanged addresses and our friendship began.

I arrived home and in August of 2010 and I sent Sizakele a letter. I didn't think it would ever make it across the U.S. and over the atlantic. I hesitantly put in the mail while praying and hoping it would get to her someday, somehow.

February 2011 came and I received a letter from Swaziland. I saw the Swazi postage and honestly, I jumped and squealed for joy because a little piece of Swaziland made it to my home.

I opened the letter and here's what it read:

Dear Kimberly,

Sawubona! Unjani? I am okey in life even me I miss you lost in the name of Jesus Christ.

Well I am doing well in class and my favorite subject is Mathematics. my favorite verse is Hebrews chapter 4: Let us the promise of entering into his rest still holds, none of you may be found to be delinquent:

I love you, girl, and I hope to see you again. Ngiyakutsandza. I wish to be with you in your country. A new word is ngivakashele.


It made my heart happy to read this sweet letter. Her letter made me even more excited to return to Swaziland months later.

When we arrived at the Bhalekane carepoint on June 14, 2011, our second day at Bhalekane, I still had not seen Sizakele yet. I started to think I might not ever see her again. Half way through the day, a girl nameDemalanghani came up to me and said, "My friend Sizakele wanted me to tell you that she will be here tomorrow." Joy filled my heart as I realized she had not forgotten me and I would see her again. 

The next day came around. I looked around, hoping I would see Sizakele. I was also hoping that I would recognize her face. I was out in the field with some children when I looked up and saw Sizakele about 30 feet away. I began to walk towards her and she recognized me. She extended her arms and gave me the sweetest hug. I told her how much I had missed her and how good it was to see her. 

She told me that her parents didn't believe I could speak any SiSwati and that they wanted to meet me. I laughed and we continued to enjoy each other's presence. She said, "Take me back to your country."
I wish I could.

In this moment, I began to grasp the power of consistency. I had seen Sizakele once and written her one letter. This doesn't seem like much, but it meant the world to she and I. I spent the afternoon with this beautiful girl and enjoyed every second of it.

Sizakele is a precious daughter of God and I am happy to know her. The Lord has reminded me to see every encounter with others as special. He has called me to love people even if it's for a very short time. All I know is that the Lord can use these encounters in powerful ways. 

This is just one of the beautiful ways in which the Lord worked in Swaziland.

a story about dreams coming true

I'm here to share the story of a dream inspired by my heavenly father. The Lord works in beautiful ways and I am going to share them.
I landed in Johannesburg on June 10 with a happy heart, ready to hear the Lord's voice. The Lord made a dream come true by taking me back to Swaziland. Swaziland has a big part of my heart, so read the next few thoughts to learn of the beautiful things the Lord has done.

May 01, 2011

a dream

But girl don't let your dreams be dreams 
You know this living's not so hard as it seems
Don't let your dreams be dreams
Jack Johnson

I've been thinking a lot about dreams lately.

Some dreams reach fulfillment. 
Some dreams linger endlessly.
Some dreams scream for attention. 
Some dreams fade away.

I don't claim to know it all and I don't claim that my dreams are better than yours.

But one thing I do claim fearlessly is that when the Lord puts a dream inside you, and you patiently care for it as if it were the most precious jewel, something beautiful happens. 

I never liked the saying, "I'm living the dream," but today I claim this because I know that God's hand is at work. I need only to let his dreams become my own. He is faithful and mighty to fulfill, just let him do his work.