July 14, 2011


I spent my sixteenth birthday in Lima, Peru. Lima was where I heard the Lord loud and clear. Lima is where I let my Lord break my heart wide open for the people of this world. This is where my passion for foreign places unfolded. Just like a jar of jelly beans cascading on the floor, scattering all over the place, my heart spilled open into a place of utter joy and peace.

So on June 11, 2011, right as my dreams were coming true in Swaziland, I turned nineteen. I love how the Lord planned my nineteenth birthday a very long time ago, all the while knowing that I would spend it in a place so close to my heart. His gift to me this year was a gift of joy, peace, love and excitement. His gift to me was another dream come true in Swaziland.

I most definitely felt special on June 11, 2011. The night before was spent in Johannesburg and on the  morning of the 11(did I mention that I had completely forgotten that it was my birthday?), we hopped on the bus to head to Swaziland. Laura came in the lobby and announced it was my birthday and gave me cards from her family. Leona gave me a tiara and some good ole passion fruit burts bees (which I love and used the whole trip). That night, Amber brought out some cake which came with the classic happy birthday song.

This years birthday was a blessed one. Thank you, Lord, for giving me all I need and more. And thank you, Lord, for the celebration of life in Swaziland. 

God is too good to me.

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